DrS3 conducts acoustic measurements in the areas of building- and room acoustics as well as maschine- and environmental acoustics in cooperation with Mag. Thomas Umbauer (www.tomusic.at).

Building- and room acoustics: 
Building acoustics addresses the origin and transmission of acoustic noise (airborne, impact and  structure borne) in buildings.
Room acoustics deals with the perception of sound in rooms. In these two areas we provide the following Services:
  • Determination of airborne sound insulation between two rooms of a building based on sound pressure measurements according to ISO 16283.
  • Measurement of echo time and other room-acoustical parameters in venues, ordinary rooms and open-plan offices according to the standards ISO 3382-1, ISO 3382-2 und ISO 3382-3.
  • Noise protection and room acoustics according to the standards ÖNORM 8115-3 and ÖNORM 12354
    We can determine the acoustical requirements for rooms in which a good intelligibility of speech has to be ensured (i. e. classrooms) as well as rooms in which the minimization of noise is the primary aim (i. e. office rooms).
  • Calculation of the sound absorption area and echo time according to the standard ÖNORM EN 12354-6.
  • Calculation and determination of room-acoustical parameters for concert halls and rehearsal rooms.
Machine acoustics:
Machine acoustics is a branch of technical acoustics and addresses the analysis of the physical mechanisms which lead to machine borne noise as well as the conception and implementation of technical measures in order to reduce noise.
Furthermore machine acoustics aims to reduce noise as near as possible to its source of origin or to even prevent noise from being emitted.  The sound intensity  is a characteristic of a sound/noise source and therefore is a suitable measure of acoustically describing a machine.
In the field of machine acoustics we provide the following Service:


  • Determination of sound power levels of noise sources based on sound intensity measurements with continuous scanning according to ISO 9614-2.

Based on our measurements the sound radiation of your ready-made products can be determined. On the other hand comparative measurements of different prototypes can help to improve the development of new products.

Environmental acoustics
We offer noise-expertises and noise measurements conforming to standards and determine acoustic measures of sound immission in the neighborship as coming from traffic infrastructure, industrial premises, construction sites and events. We provide a significant data basis for designing noise protection measures and evaluating noise pollution in the neighborship.