Running computer based simulations is the last link in a long process chain. At the previous stages, it is necessary to apply traditional mathematics and physics to describe and solve fluid mechanic and thermodynamic problems. The very first link of the chain starts with pen and paper and the ability to identify and model the most important influential factors and acting forces. In the case of R&D projects, a thoroughly conducted literature review is a must.  In some cases, as a start one can fall back on standard calculation procedures (e.g. VDI Heat Atlas).

If there are no analytical fall-back options, and computer-based simulation is not an alternative, the possibility of setting up and running experimental frameworks and analyses to examine fluid mechanic and thermodynamic phenomena can be evaluated. In this case, classical engineering knowledge of mathematics and physics is necessary more than ever to design such frameworks and processes.

DrS3 offers the service of running highly specified design calculations for fluid mechanic and thermodynamic processes as well as design of model tests. Additionally, DrS3 can advise you when carrying out calculations and designing model tests.

Typical tasks in this area include:

  • Recalculation and design of heat exchangers in compliance with VDI Heat Atlas
  • Flow pressure loss calculations in pipe systems
  • Analysis of drying processes